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At this Mazda MX-5-themed hotel, Andrea Mancini offers guests a drive of his rare Miatas. Mazda Dreams – Mr. Andrea Mancini (Thirty-two MX-5s/ Miataland owner in Italy) (English) MIATALAND EXPERIENCE. I have lots of stories on my Miatas. E, negli anni, ne ha comprate 50: tante sono le MX-5 che custodisce nella sua Miataland, una Country House situata ai margini di Piedicolle, 30 km a sud di Perugia. Andrea first fell for the Mazda MX-5 in 1990. Roll the throttle on and the Mazdaspeed responds with no hint of turbo lag, going on to deliver its best with remarkable linearity. 1993 Eunos B-Spec Mazdaspeed, a Japanese Mk 1 model with Nopro design kit, 16-inch Panasport wheels, and supercharged 1.8-litre engine pumping out 195hp (145kW). For drive #3, we headed down the back roads to the larger town of Todi, in no less than the most powerful Miata to carry the Mazda name, a 2004 Mazdaspeed NB in look-at-me Velocity Red (pictured below). During my stay, I was lucky enough to enjoy not one, not two, but three. MX-5 s are renowned for their slick manual gearbox, but the short-throw shifts on this car are as satisfying as any I’ve driven. Where the blue water meets green hills and blue sky. Andrea Mancini, Miataland / ROADSTER (MIATA) / Italy. The hotel at the center of it was converted from a 17th century stone farmhouse, and houses rooms and suites based on official factory colors of the car. He bought his first example in 1998 and sold it two years later –  to his ever-lasting regret. And hugely enjoyable, as is the Miataland experience in total. Ownership of the largest MX-5 collection in the world aside, what truly sets him apart is a preparedness to share his passion with other enthusiasts through a business venture. Log In. A traditional 17th century stone farmhouse overlooking the swimming pool and encircled by the rolling Umbrian hills from Todi to Perugia. Si chiama Andrea Mancini e per celebrare la sua grande passione, composta da ben 39 auto, ha creato una Country House unica nel suo genere: Miataland Foto Miataland Drive top down on beautiful country roads and discover the real flavour of Umbria. E a Miataland non ci sono solo le auto: dalla della vista della vallata umbra in cui si quercia, la cui chioma è sottolineata dalla piscina a parte, di fatto in primo Il Andrea la MX.5 viene piantato saldarnentc nel 1989: "Cho su una nvista e poi ho detto: .C'è tutto quello mente di più.. DISCOVERING MAZDA X5. Eunos, with red bodywork reminiscent of a Ferrari GTO, 1994 Eunos M2 1002 in dark blue with light tan interior, one of only 150 sold, M2 1002A in black, ready to race with roll cage, race seats and lightweight wheels, sourced from the UK, 2010 OpenRace Italia, in tricolour livery, one of only two built to represent Italy against 30 others in a Euro championship. MIATALAND EXPERIENCE. I was dreaming to see a M2 for years and I read lots of books and magazines about the super rare M2 series. The well-weighted steering is full of feel and feedback; the rare Recaro Kevlar seats superbly supportive and hip-hugging. Andrea – a keen amateur karter who raced friend and contemporary three-time F1 grand prix winner Giancarlo Fisichella when they were younger – has just added a 40th example. The amazing line-up contains multiple examples of all four models – NA, NB, NC and ND – along with numerous Limited Editions and one-offs. Mk2 Miracle SE, which Andrea bought new in 1990 and retains to this day, Light-grey 1990 NA BBR with 175hp (130kW) turbo engine. And I would like to remember the moment when I drove for the very first time the Eunos Roadster M2 1002. Alla scoperta di Miataland, il paradiso delle Mazda MX-5 - Intervista. It’s the hard-edged sports car that some always thought the MX-5 should be. Redazione ANSA ROMA. Ask Andrea which means the most to him and the answer is short as it is simple. Car Advice, Car Review, Car Specification, Car Price, Showroom, Video, Mitsubishi, BMW, Ferari, Honda, Toyota, Isuzu, Suzuki, It’s a 60km round trip with very little traffic; the roads a mix of twists, climbs and dips, smooth hot mix and rough patchwork. The world’s largest Mazda MX5, miata and Eeunos Roadster Collection in a 5 Star Resort. Miataland si trova presso Miataland . Andrea Mancini is a Mazda MX-5 ‘tragic’. Per vivere l’emozione di guidare top down tra uliveti e vigneti, alla scoperta dei borghi più caratteristici dell’Umbria Miataland è una location esclusiva a pochi chilometri da Todi (PG). E da ogni lato del parco una visuale nuova e sempre diversa. Large spaces, panoramic windows, simple but stylish atmosphere with attention to detail. Non potevo la Andrea… Andrea Mancini offre un servizi... #officinadelpilota #mazdamx5 #miataland #lucaspadano L' uomo che ha comprato 50 Mazda mx5 e le ha messe tutte nel suo garage. And what an amazing, eclectic collection it has grown to be. ‘Unique’ is a word often misused and abused, but it’s appropriate in the context of Miataland. For style and substance, this is a car that belies its near quarter century of age. Guarda il profilo completo su LinkedIn e scopri i collegamenti di Andrea e le offerte di lavoro presso aziende simili. Where else does a luxury resort include the use of a classic Mazda MX-5 in its tariff? Visualizza il profilo di Andrea Mancini su LinkedIn, la più grande comunità professionale al mondo. They’re the perfect hosts, and in Miataland, they have the ultimate destination for MX5 fans from around the world. La prosecuzione della navigazione o l'accesso a qualunque sezione del sito senza avere prima modificato le impostazioni relative ai Cookies varrà come accettazione implicita alla ricezione di Cookies dal presente sito. In the timber barn, one finds oneself surrounded by the rarest and most exclusive collection of Miatas and Eunos. Miataland: The Ultimate Mazda MX5 Collection. When you book a room you can also choose from an extensive collection of special edition Mazda MX-5s to drive on the fabulous roads of Perugia. Forget free shampoos—this hotel room throws in the keys to 40 rare sports cars Questa coutry house 5 stelle è frutto dell’impegno e della passione di Andrea Mancini, il più grande collezionista italiano di Mazda MX-5. L’uliveto, il vigneto, il bosco di pini marittimi, i percorsi per jogging e la mountain bike. A man almost more passionate about sharing his passion of the Mazda MX-5 Your next holiday at Miataland The appropriately-named Miataland (the MX-5 is known as Miata in some overseas markets) is a high-quality, rural guest resort set on 2. Sei in: Archivio > persone > a > andrea mancini Miataland, alle origini della roadster così la Mazda ha creato un mito

Perugia U n incontro, nella stanza 401 della sede centrale Mazda a Hiroshima, tra il giornalista americano Bob Hall e il tecnico nipponico Kenichi Yamamoto getta le basi di quello che diventerà un fenomeno automobilistico dagli esiti straordinari. A truly breathtaking view. Miataland - resort esclusivo a pochi chilometri da Todi. The writer was a paying guest of Miataland. Questo sito utilizza sia Cookies tecnici (necessari al suo corretto funzionamento) che di profilazione propri o di terze parti (necessari al fine di inviare messaggi pubblicitari in linea con le preferenze manifestate dagli utenti durante la navigazione). Quando la passione prende il sopravvento e ti cambia la vita. DISCOVERING MAZDA X5. Mountain biking and jogging track winds its way through our olive trees, vineyard and pinewood with something new to catch the eye at very turn. The world’s largest Mazda MX5, Miata and Eunos roadster collection in a 5 Star Resort. Its specs make for interesting reading: 178hp (133kW) @ 6000rpm and 226Nm @ 4500rpm from the turbocharged 1.8-litre engine feeding off seven-and-a-quarter pounds of boost. La più grande collezione al mondo di Mazda MX5 in un resort a 5 stelle. Miataland: rifugio mitico per miatisti e MX-5 Abbiamo (ri)assaggiato le caratteristiche delle passate generazioni della Mazda MX-5 grazie a una visita al Miataland: lo spazio che Andrea Mancini, un miatista senza precedenti, ha voluto regalare a chi come lui condivide la passione per la spider giapponese. Andrea (pictured below) fell in love with the MX-5 from the time he set eyes on one, in 1990. or Andrea ha indicato 2 esperienze lavorative sul suo profilo. 02 hectares among the beautiful Umbrian countryside (pictured) at Piedicolle, about 130km north of Rome. Visualizza il profilo di Andrea Mancini su LinkedIn, la più grande comunità professionale al mondo. DISCOVERING MAZDA X5. Per stare bene. Despite a small weight increase (less than 50kg), it feels as lithe and athletic as its soft-top siblings, handling, riding and responding in traditional MX-5 fun-feast fashion. Oggi Andrea Mancini è un brillante manager, innamorato della sua geisha decappottabile. Your perfect choice for an important event or simply to spoil yourself with a luxury mini break. See more of AK Automotive Road - Track - Race on Facebook. Un casale del 1700 ed un’importante villa in pietra che si affacciano sulla piscina ed “inquadrano” le colline umbre da Todi a Perugia. And the latest, a (Nobuhiro) Yamamoto Signature, 1.5-litre ND finished in gleaming black with black and red suede/leather seats and boasting Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes. Un panorama che prende il cuore. Staying at Miataland is enjoyable in itself, but adding guests from around the world where the Miata has other enthusiastic owners makes it … But, there’s more … with a host of chassis and suspension upgrades that includes Bilstein shocks, beefier springs, thicker anti-roll bars, strut tower brace, limited slip differential and wider rubber on (a first for the. Camere e suites esclusive, tutte con bagno privato ed i comforts ognuna caratterizzata dai colori più significativi delle miata della collezione; la sbarazzina “sunburst yellow, la ricercata “mariner blue” e le suites “British Racing green”, “soul, Double rooms and exclusive suites; with en-suite bathroom and 5 star comfort reflects that of a limited edition Miata”; the bright “Sunburst yellow”, the sought “Mariner Blu”, and the suites “British Racing Green”, “Soul red” and M2 Blu”, La grande differenza tra Miataland ed un “normale” Resort o un museo di automobili è che per tutti gli ospiti che prenotano un soggiorno direttamente dal nostro sito è incluso per ogni giorno un tour con una delle nostre miata (max 60km e carburante escluso); il modo più bello per vedere posti unici guidando la roadster più famosa al modo , The main difference among Miataland and any other Resorts o car museum is here you can drive a miata for every day of stay (only for direct booking from our website and with max 60Km, fuel excluded); and you will discover beautiful places driving everyday a different model of the most famous roadster in the world , La più grande Collezione al mondo di Mazda MX5 in un Resort a 5 stelle. That pretty much sums up Andrea Mancini, founder and proud owner of ‘Miataland’ in Italy – named after the world’s best-selling two-seat convertible sports car, known elsewhere around the world as the Miata and Eunos Roadster. Miataland is the exclusive resort located near Todi in Umbria, Italy. The LS’s 1.8-litre engine punches above the sum of its 99kW of power and 210Nm of torque, pulling eagerly out of slow corners with smooth delivery. The acclaimed 0-100km/h time of 6.57 seconds feels right. Eunos-Roadster-1-8-Mazdaspeed-Supercharcharged-1-8-1993, Miata-Mega-Monster-5.0-V8-Supercharged-1993, Miataland: The Ultimate Mazda MX5 Collection, Puoi prenotare il tuo soggiorno direttamente on line, TelEFONO (PHONE): (+39) 3911101570 (+39) 344 275 9233, Il tuo nome (Your Name) (richiesto / required), La tua email (Your E-mail) (richiesto / required), Con l’inserimento dei miei dati dichiaro di aver preso visione ed accettato termini e condizioni By entering my data, I declare that I have read and accepted the terms and conditions, PIEDICOLLE – PERUGIA (ITALY) – TELEFONO (PHONE): (+39) 3911101570 – (+39) 344 275 9233 – Privacy Policy, Copyright 2020 Miataland - Powered By WebStrategist. “I honestly don’t have a favourite - Every car has a history,” he said. Oggi Andrea Mancini è un brillante manager, innamorato della sua geisha decappottabile. First up, a 1994 NA LS (pictured in hero image), one of only 500 units made, in Montego Blue, a chameleon car that – depending on light and shadow – appears to be various hues of blue, green or black. To slip behind the wheel, lower the roof, and head along SP373 through green glades and olive groves to Doglio, a tiny village of less than 100 people, is to rediscover the RF’s many delights. As one of the current crop of MX-5 models, we are well familiar with the RF, road testing one for The Road Ahead only last year. Andrea (pictured below) fell in love with the MX-5 from the time he set eyes on one, in 1990. It was an absolute pleasure to visit and we hope you enjoy the film. That surely makes it a ‘must do’ for any sports car enthusiast visiting Italy. MEMORIES AND DREAMS. Centrepiece is a 200-year-old stone villa, once owned by a Count, complemented by a sympathetically designed and built guesthouse (pictured) that contains five contemporary self-contained units. #2 of 50, with less than 5000 miles (8000km) on the clock. La scelta perfetta per i tuoi eventi o per un favoloso mini break lontano dal caos. Mazda, Torino si trasforma in Miataland per i 30 anni di MX-5 Alla festa-raduno anche Tom Matano e Nobuhiro Yamamoto. He bought his first example in 1998 and … Bilstein suspension and 15-inch BBS wheels make for road-hugging handling, but also impressive is the way the car rides bumps and blemishes with accommodating compliance. 1993 Mega Monster, built in California with a supercharged, 5.0-litre 400hp (298kW) V8 from a Shelby Mustang. Guarda il profilo completo su LinkedIn e scopri i collegamenti di Andrea e le offerte di lavoro presso aziende simili. MEMORIES AND DREAMS. Miataland is a boutique B&B with a difference. Andrea and Claudia have very kindly invited us back to Miataland when it’s all finished, and we will certainly be taking them up on their offer. I grandi spazi, le vetrate panoramiche, l’atmosfera semplice ed elegante; la cura dei dettagli. Andrea Mancini, an extraordinary Miata enthusiast and collector, welcomes us to Miataland—a classic Italian villa style inn that is home a personal collection of Miatas. Miataland was founded in 2017 by Andrea Mancini, who has devoted his life to Mazda’s renowned roadster. To infinity. MX-5) 17-inch alloys, the Mazdaspeed grips like Tarzan, corners pancake flat and fairly launches out of corners. In 1998 he finally bought one and has been amassing a collection of 32 cars ever since. Dove l’azzurro dell’acqua si congiunge con il verde delle colline ed il blu del cielo. Todi – Quella di Andrea Mancini è una storia che sembra uscire direttamente da un classico romanzo di formazione, dove il protagonista sceglie di mettersi in gioco completamente, riportando al centro della sua vita soltanto ciò che conta davvero: passioni, emozioni, sogni. “I vowed never to sell another MX-5 again, just collect them,” he said. Between the two lies an infinity pool (pictured), with sweeping views across the plains to the distant mountains. Andrea ha indicato 2 esperienze lavorative sul suo profilo. Miataland is situated in the Italian province of Perugia. With the morning sun glowing warm and bright, we point the Mazda’s snout towards Montefalco, known far and wide as ‘the balcony of Umbria’, because of its lofty position and handsome views of the fertile plain below. Fortunately, thanks to Mazda Australia, we got to meet one of the most dedicated Miata fans you’re ever likely to come across, Andrea Mancini - the founder and proud owner of Miataland. 1000 km sull’ultima MX-5 1.5: meta Miataland Abbiamo (ri)assaggiato le caratteristiche delle passate generazioni della Mazda MX-5 grazie a una visita al Miataland: lo spazio che Andrea Mancini, un miatista senza precedenti, ha voluto regalare a chi come lui condivide la passione per la spider giapponese. The elegant colonnades which embrace the villa provide the perfect place for events to remember. As a guest of Miataland, Andrea will hand you the keys to one of his beloved collection for each night’s stay so that you might drive the myriad of quiet, scenic back roads. I grandi portici che circondano la villa diventano il luogo perfetto per ospitare eventi da ricordare; ed il capannone in legno ospita le più rare ed esclusive miata e eunos roadster provenienti da ogni parte del mondo. Next day, Andrea offered his ND RF – that’s ‘RF’ as in retractable fastback, or fully fully-automated metal hardtop that can be opened and closed in some 13 seconds. Verso l’infinito.

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