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If you suspect that your Collie might be showing early aggressions signs, act immediately. We have had a huge response to our video featuring Bronson the Border Collie who helped us demonstrate the warning signs dogs show us before biting. has anyone else had luck? We just sent our BC off to boot camp and hope they can “fix” him. For example unless your Border Collie is in physical pain or maybe he is scared of something, he’ll never bite or jump on you aggressively. she doesn’t allow anyone into the house including my brother’s friends who have been around since she was a puppy and spend more time at the house than me. This video is unavailable. I studied dog behavior and watched documentaries on wolves, so I was not ignorant and I understood that she was a dog and that I needed to treat her like a dog. We love her dearly but she doesn’t mind very well. You don’t want to escalate things if you don’t have to. A hyped-up border collie with energy to burn is more likely to become edgy than a tired out dog. Shortly after that one, my 8 yr old was sitting across from the pup and she lunged at her nose. He also absolutely hates the vet and we have to muzzle him for any visits. I have tried other meds and nothing is working. She is very loving, but extremely energetic. I am quite confident she wouldnt hurt my daughter, theyre best mates. Now we’ve had the BC for 2 years and recently the last 2 months the lab and BC have been fighting a couple times a day. If you’ll let him behave aggressively and not having a check on him, it will get worse day by day and that will be very difficult to overcome. I know there is a food aggressiveness that has been developing between them lately and I am not sure what has made this happen… Anyway – my BC is currently on doggie Prozac as well as melatonin. In the last month though, he has become quite aggressive towards people that he has known since I got him. His whole face changes, he barks and comes at us, as if to bite us.I am even scared. The most effective way to do it is by starting obedience training, because that’s exactly what the alpha dog role is for. The causes and reasons behind the dog growling, barking or even biting can vary depending on the situation. In that case best way to defuse the situation is to go away from there and wait for him to calm down. Luckily she does not touch anybody’s skin. Just like that, never mess with a dog that is chewing a bone. I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t know if the city life is best for them. Keep her on a lead when people cone over if she goes to bite lead her away and lock her in the bathroom or another room away from you. Leon is a young Border Collie who struggles with fear aggression to both dogs and people. Over the last 8 years she had seriously bitten my son twice, requiring an emergency room visit with stitches. She actually drew blood. I have a year and a half female border collie. Thankfully, she is very non-aggressive! Ask yourself these questions: If you have the answers of these questions, you’ll be in better position to understand why he does that and how you can stop him doing that. He freaks. A prong collar, PLUS a backup collar, is a good idea. They think it is better to eat their food right now before someone will take it away from them. Borders aren’t ‘aggressive dogs’ and they are not guard dogs or bred to fight. Tonight she bit me while i was going to cut off some matted hair, and she broke skin for the first time. X, Claire could you please offer a little more insight about what techniques you use to socialize and rehabilitate your rescues? If your collie feels threatened or doesn’t trust a stranger then she most … Since every bite was to the face, but really to the mouth and nose area, I know they were corrective/dominance bites. My wife was heartbroken as she really was a cute loveable dog, but did not like kids. You can keep him safe from harm and yourself safe from his biting or nipping, by controlling him. I am praying my little guy can learn to trust everyone like he does our family. It has gotten so bad we’ve been to the vet a couple times due to bites so bad they’ve gotten infected. I was the one who had to take her to the vet to have her euthanized and I am still sick to my stomach over it, but I would not give her to another person and put them at risk and I don’t think it is humane to keep a dog isolated. If your dog has developed dominant behavior and thinks himself above you, he will not even hesitate to bark and growl at you, and he may also bite you. She has not done this before, but for the last two months she has. ciao tipetti a voi piace la razza border collie?? I have never let one of my pets go and am not sure what to do for her. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Our BC is happiest when she can play in the yard and do as she wants. Even bringing her back to the house from a walk, she would start nipping at my hand, which was scaring me. There is always that fear in the first few weeks that they will have be put down. Aggressive behavior include actions such as growling, excessive barking, chasing and even biting, and reason behind such behavior may vary according to different situations. Does anyone know what to do? I have a BC who is just over 3 years old. Can anyone tell me at what age they calm down? I know this is tough, but he is 13 — that’s like 90 in human years. At 13, he does not have that much longer. She charges at people who come to close to our house. Aggressive for Food: Not only Border Collies but every other dog is possessive for his/her food and they are never sure if the food you give them will be there after some time. however she hates outsiders. Another form of Collie aggression is jumping. I hope your Husband is healing well, and things are much better for you! io ne ho uno ed è karinissimooooooooo... a parte il nome (nemo) ke purtroppo aveva già qnd l'abbiamo preso.... voi ke mi dite? its not there fault they lash out. Over the next couple of days, we kept her on a leash at all times. Come si è detto, l’istinto di mordere non è indice di comportamento aggressivo nel cane, ma un comportamento spontaneo e naturale per un Border Collie. The Border Collie needs to see the smallest changes in the sheep-herd and react immediately. In any situation you must stop escalating things if there is no need for it, because by making your dog angrier you will not solve the issue. Help!! God bless! Anyway, good luck….you really might consider getting an expert on dog behavior. I have a 9 month old border who is deaf in one ear and she just started snapping at strangers. Earlier in the day, she nipped at my 21 yr old daughter’s nose, but no bite mark. Therefore you must respect your dog’s wishes. The inability for a border collie to herd can cause frustration which can lead to the border collie "venting" by barking and lunging at moving stimuli, and that often includes other dogs. There can be aggression in Border Collie puppies, but this is rare. Many rescues won’t take on a dog that bits, and when they do it’s usually to assess them and then often to put them to sleep. My parents are saying they’re going to get rid of her if I can’t get her to stop being so aggressive, but I’m not entirely sure what to do anymore. I do know that she was locked up most of the time, but since we’ve had her here, she’s had almost complete freedom and plays a little rough with my other dog. The way you approach the situation greatly depends on the original cause. Unless the dog is in physical pain or feels threatens, it will show signs of aggression before doing anything drastic (like attacking you or biting you). Border Collie puppies are notoriously mouthy, and often nip and bite at their owners. I don’t think anyone can beat you up. Aggressive Border Collie Towards Strangers. My 7 and a half year old Border Collie has always been quite nervous from around 12 months old. It is worse now because I just had my second child and I am home more with him. I hope this helps. The people we got her from had many other groups interested, and were going to send her to a farm that specifically wanted her for herding. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. NEVER EVER shout or hit your dog when he behaves aggressively at you. Maddie Border Collie Bridgend (Wales) Pie Border Collie Bridgend (Wales) Rafa Border Collie Snetterton (Norfolk) Rue Border Collie … I have had my 5 1/2 year old male since he was a puppy and he has some fear/territorial aggression towards both humans and dogs, starting around early adulthood. I’ve had the eldest for almost 4 years and the youngest for 4 months. Harley Border Collie Glasgow. He is otherwise very cuddly and loves my massages he gets given by me, with all your knowledge of various dogs are you able to offer any help on my situation. She hates being touched when woken up, but she’s fine you just say her name. As I stated above, try getting a MUZZLE and a CRATE. I have just come back from taking my 27yr old stepson to the hospital, as our 3yr old border collie just took a chunk out of his cheek and jaw! It was not natural behaviour, she did not see it as something she could correct, and as she said there are many pups out there who want to roll and play around with young kids without the fear of biting. I am fostering a rescue whom i was told originally she was a Golden Retreiver. However, what you can do is, take his attention away from his bowl or bone by calling him over for a treat he likes the most. Border Collie’s are not a breed you can leave in the backyard day after day without exercise and mental stimulation. Other example of this situation could be, when accidentally or unintentionally you press their tail, they aggressively react and may bite you. If you feel in danger or are fearful that your dog might bite someone, please don’t hesitate to call your local dog trainer. Nobody will adopt an elderly dog, and worse, he has behavior issues. It seems the BC gets the worst of it but she had gotten the lab good a couple times. It’s very rare for these dogs to get aggressive without showing early warning signs beforehand. Border Collies are smart and they can sense when their owner is nervous or unsure and that could make them think that they have the control on you, not you on them. For instance, if your Border Collie is growling at you when you go close to him, stop right there because it’s not a good idea to do so. We got our border collie from a friends who could not keep her. I cant call a local dog trainer because I’m absolutely broke. Look for these signs to warn you before your dog becomes aggressive: To learn how to deal with a dominant or disobedient Border Collie, I highly suggest you check out the Border Collie Owners Guide. I am wondering if I need to find a rescue for her. HELP! They are pack animals and should not be away from the family or other animals. You won’t solve your dog’s aggression by making your dog angrier. I wish you good luck. Let me know if you want to talk privately. If your Collie does have a habit of jumping aggressively, then again, you need to take steps to control it. She has always been excited to see other people, doesnt jump, but because they aren’t stopping to say hello to her she is now barking and pulling on the lead in an agressive manner more than excitement. Registered company in England and … Un Border Collie che morde in ambiente domestico non è necessariamente pericoloso o disturbato nel comportamento: il cane sta solo seguendo il suo impulso naturale in un luogo in cui l’istinto è fuori luogo. If your Border Collie gets bored, and you ignore its needs, it will find inventive ways to amuse themselves, and that will cost you money and drive you crazy. I find my dog Harry shows a lot of signs of I know what you want but I will do it when I want and anything else I will show my teeth so I get my own way. I did a lot of training with her when she was young. Our border collie is 8 years old, and is a very well behaved dog almost all of the time. When dealing with an aggressive Border Collie remember that unlike other behavior problems this one can have serious consequences. Good luck trying the meds – they really don’t seem to be making a difference for us. Hi Kaylynne, Therefore when they are eating and you go close to their bowl to put more food or take the bowl away, they growl at you distrustfully. Don’t let the behavior go unchecked because it will only get worse unless you do something about it. Some are a lot easier to spot and cure, while others will take time and will only be cured with consistent behavior training. she spends so much of the time being anxious that she doesn’t seem to enjoy it, we certainly don’t. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any experience of collies with aggression issues? Dominant Behavior and Aggression: Neglecting your border collie’s dominant behavior make him believe that, to keep his dominance over you, he needs to be aggressive. Luckily to this day 12 dogs have come through my doors, and all have gone on to homes. To learn more read this article here. By grabbing her nose you might end up with a bit as well. And Claire is correct; you cannot rehome a biting dog and no shelter will take them on, not after a bite of that serious a nature. The behavior to herd and drive away is instinctive and more likely to be seen in border collies who aren't provided sufficient outlets for their high levels of energy and instinctive behaviors. I never have these issues when she is off the lead, but you cant have dogs off the lead when walking them. Anyone??? So for the safety of my younger children i feel we have no choice but to have him put to sleep even though it will break our hearts. We do not want to give her up, we love her dearly. Reasons behind your dog’s aggressive behavior. she was extremely difficult to socialize as a puppy. If your Collie does bite, growl or jump then it’s important to take the steps to stop this Collie aggression. My stepson has to have facial surgery, but is still more upset for the dog than himself. He lives with the elder dog and I, but nobody else, so I’m unsure whether he has started to become protective over me recently, but I don’t understand why. Well, even though aggression is not a common trait in this breed, but still you never know because every dog has a different personality and nature. I could use some tips if any of you have any. He has always been best of friends with my stepson and this was totally unprovoked. Poor Lochy would show resource guarding behaviour when he had food or toys, which is normal, but would become overtly aggressive when other dogs approached him or great him. Is your Border Collie aggressive to other dogs or children? When I take him to the dog park he just sits on the bench beside me and barks at the other dogs non-stop. Don’t use just the prong collar, they can fall apart at unpredictable times. I feel so sorry for you and your family, you obviously loved her deeply to have tried for this long. Although some behaviors appear aggressive, they may actually be quite normal. Find dogs for adoption in the UK via Pets4Homes - The #1 free pet classifieds site with hundreds of dogs for adoption in your local area. my parents have a 5-year-old BC who’s extremely loving to members of our family. Degrees of shyness: There are degrees of shyness in Border Collies that forms the root cause of various temperament problems. Ecco come impostare il lavoro col guinzaglio per evitare che il nostro cane manifesti aggressività durante la passeggiata (e non solo!). But he was younger and I had hoped puberty would make her less aggressive towards him. How do I stop my dog from nipping? Recently she has started nipping people. No matter how much your dog loves you, as a responsible owner you must carefully check his wounds to make sure you’re not unknowingly causing him more pain. He has not done this for some time though, but we still do not allow them to get close to him or take his ball as he can be so unpredictable, which can be hard as they love playing ball with him. What a heartbreaking thing. But I feel you had no choice. Before you do anything, there are a couple of things which you should NEVER do to an aggressive dog. Our pup is young and very afraid and shows his fear with aggression. What you did, to take her in to be put down yourself, in a humane manner, is the only decent thing you could have done in this situation. She’s not usually as aggressive with me seeing as I spend a lot of time with her excercising, but this was really rough. You are all, two legs or four, in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. In your case, it went clear over the top though. Thank you! She is mainly an outside dog but I bring her inside when the temps hit below 38. How long has this been going on? Then she goes nuts. Exercise your border collie. She is 40 lbs of joy! Border collies are often ranked as one of the smartest dog breeds. Please try to keep this old fellow around; he would suffer terribly in a shelter and probably end up being put down. Find a pets dogs for in Lewisham, London on Gumtree, the #1 site for Pets classifieds ads in the UK. I have a 3 year old Border Collie, and she is my first BC. Feeling Threatened: This is one of the most common aggression types in Border Collies and they generally show it towards people they don’t know or meeting for the first time. He broke her skin and it did get infected. When Border Collies feels threatened by strangers or people they don’t trust, they generally growl or bark at them to let them know to stay away. Taking their name from their origins in Northumberland on the English border with Scotland, Border Collies are probably best known for their herding and agility skills. She is nervous around heavy car/truck noises. This can quickly turn into a problem in everyday life. He is never aggressive towards our family but with strangers and dogs. We have a second dog that is just over a year old. Once you start training, teaching and leading your Collie, it will start viewing you as the pack leader. He is very aggressive with his food and his toys. My dog wakes sometimes as if he was in a deep sleep and looks up as if to say where am I. It,s so funny. She is getting more aggressive in the last few months and today I had a heck of a time pulling her off of the younger dog. Today my mother in law dropped my 2 year old home, and she went for my mother in law. At first we thought it was the hear being summer and all, but now were not sure. I have a 3 year old boy border collie and was lovely but in the last year and half he has become very agresive not to me well he snarls at me every now and then but one min he is fine next he gos for my 10 year old daughter and my 8 year old has not broken the skin yet but I don’t want to leave it till that happens we all love him but I love my children more I think I’m going to phone the vets not that I want to but don’t think I have any choice any more does this make me a bad person please help dawn. There are several causes for aggressive behavior. We have a full neutering policy. My son says the dog is docile when I am not in the house..but he is still crated while I am gone. She has been on them for about 6 months or a bit longer and they do not really seem to do much of anything. Outside , she was aggressive towards other kids, and other people approaching, a group of teens tobogganing nearby, loud barking and aggression. I treat her her as such. My border collie "Zappa" is 4 1/2 months old. I’ve had trouble with biting issues with past dogs, and currently have an issue with a new (adopted) 5 year old BC, who nips ankles and feet. She hates water and being brushed. Generally a Border Collie doesn’t get aggressive without showing early signs of aggression beforehand. I have a 6 year old Border Collie. He growls fiercely if you try to get near him when he has them. I am so sorry about having to put your BC down. Border Collie West Calder (Edinburgh) Elliot Border Collie West Calder (Edinburgh) Finn Border Collie West Calder (Edinburgh) New. When you answer those questions, you will have a better understanding of why your dog or puppy is acting aggressive. We see her herding traits come out before it happens. Last visit, he soiled and wet himself when the vet took him away from me to just cut his nails and recommended we have him put under anaesthetic next time it needed to be done. She was marvellous and it helped to confirm to my wife that we had to take her back. Accordingly, it reacts a lot faster to visual (motion) and auditory stimuli than other dogs. I thknk she is a Border..he herds, is as sweet as can be and loves everyone until they come into my house. That will also help him understand that leaving his food bowl or bone for sometime is okay, and his owner or other people won’t steal it. He is deaf but I don’t believe that this is connected to his behaviour in any way. She always growls at strangers and it takes her a whole before feeling comfortable with someone. For example, they all start with chasing, then nipping, then growling and then develop biting habit. I would love to chat with someone going through the same thing as us.

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